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Learning Styles – Real or Not?

Hello, all!

Recently, I mentioned a video I had seen that makes the claim that learning styles don’t exist, and that the belief in learning styles may cripple efforts to teach people things (the example in the video is trying to teach a visual learner how to do an accent or an auditory learner the shape of a country).

The big idea here is that you’re trying to get people to learn meaning, not the sound of your voice or the color of the slides, and these learning styles don’t really account for that.

Here is the link to the video:

-Alayna S.

Advertisements – A Useful Tool for Foreign Language

My friend Adam, a former consultant at the UWC, recently introduced me to a website called The website is completely free and makes it extremely easy to find “pen pals” from all over the world who are looking to learn or improve their foreign language skills.  You can use it to both brush up on your own foreign language skills and to help others learn English. Additionally, communicating with others this way can help you gain insights into other cultures.  This might be useful to our foreign language tutors and even to our writing tutors. You could even suggest the site to students for extra practice in the respective language they are trying to master.

Greetings from the Director of the Academic Tutoring Center and the University Writing Center

Greetings! This is a blog for the tutors and consultants of the Academic Center for Tutoring (ACT) and the University Writing Center (UWC) at Columbus State University. The posts are reactions from the ACT/UWC staff about readings, videos, and other material that we’ve encountered as a part of staff development. We welcome kind and thoughtful comments to help us see concepts and tutoring approaches from different points of view. Enjoy!